27 February 2014

26 February 2014

Day 97: Hand holding coin

The reason why I picked hands as a weekly theme is because they are kind of a base for learning the lines and the proportions. I haven't practiced on hands for quite a while, and I feel how my skill downgraded.

 Yeah, it would be the best to begin the routine of drawing with the sketch of a few hand poses. 
Well, we all know that is not easy in the everyday's mess, but try to implement it whenever you can. It really boosts the skill, and as you progress, you'll feel how the lines are more and more secure and firm.
It's the most practical and convinient thing you can practice on wherever you are.
I left some tips for drawing hands in the comments below.

Day 117: Hand something holding something

Yeaaaahh.... Look, a unicooorn!
I'm having struggle with the foreshortening.

Day 116: Hands

Hello there, nemesis.

Day 116: Hands

Next theme: Hand holding coin (or sth like that)

23 February 2014

Day 94: Lord of the Rings

Random LOTR elf.
I must admit the elves portayed in LOTR (the movie, I haven't read the book)- were kind of dull and not interesting compared to Hobbits or Dwarfs.
New weekly theme: HANDS

Day 113: Lord of the Rings

All of my drawings turned out messy and sketchy today. Oh well. e_e

22 February 2014

Day 93: Lord of the Rings

"Can I see it just one more time?" 
(Or something similar...)

Day 112: No fairy tale

No drawing today. ^^;

Day 112: Fairy tale

Stick in the mud.

I'm really sorry guys for not doing actual illustrations but glimps of character design. I'm suffering from bad case of burnout from work, I need one weekend sleep at least.

21 February 2014

Day 90-92

Sorry, I really had some problems that made me constrained to drawing.
The theme for tomorrow: LORD OF THE RINGS
Pick a memorable moment, scene, simply draw the characters or a favorite place from the books.

Day 111: Fairy tale

"He passed a stall in which five huge men were dancing to the music of a lugubrious hurdy-gurdy being played by a mournful-looking black bear"

"Stardust", Neil Gaiman

(Can you guess what I'm reading at the moment? xD)

I know, I know. FIVE HUGE MEN. I got that right.
Also, should have checked what a hurdy-gurdy was before I started drawing. Sounded like a drum to me. It's not.
I even forgot to color the bear.
Yeah, I can't read.

Day 110: Fairy tale

"Oh very well", said the tall gentleman, a trifle testily, "a miracle, a wonder. Tomorrow you shall attain your Heart's Desire".

"Stardust" Neil Gaiman

I love those first hints and glimpses of magic in stories.

20 February 2014

Day 111: Fairy tale

 "Bibbidi bobbidi boo! ... With a bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, the Fairy Godmother turned a pumpkin into a coach and made Cinderella's dreams come true.

Day 110

mmm... yeah.

19 February 2014

17 February 2014

Day 107

Eh. Work overload. I would like to say that the next week will be better but I would lie. Gotta pay the bills.

16 February 2014

Day 107: No adventure time background again.

*le sigh*
I really hope we have another Adventure Time week in the future.

The theme for this new week is ...*fanfareeeee*... BOOK ILLUSTRATION!

You can illustrate a scene from a short story, novel, stanza, poem, anything you really want-as long as it is inspired by all that wibbly-wobbly-wordy-stuff found in books.

I can't wait for your works and themes, Pictomancers!
Let the new book illustration week...BEGIN!

Day 106: No adventure time background

I was exhausted yesterday. I didn't even post a new daily theme. Sumimasen. *bows*

Day 105: No adventure time me

Nope. :(

Day 106

Today... I hope so today. ~

15 February 2014

Day 87: Adventure Time background art

I have been drawing and coloring this background for over an hour, because they interrupted me for approximatley 20 times! Unbeliavable.
This is supposed to be Park Maksimir - the best place in Zagreb, Croatia.
That's in Europe, you know.

14 February 2014

Day 86: Adventure Time Me

Just realized that this is similar to Nago posessed by Darkness...
But yeah, that would be me. Friendly Sad Monster.

Day 105

I won't manage to draw and post today's theme on time. I'll do it tomorrow, together with:

Hmm, if you have time, take (from the internet or take it BY FORCE!!!!...a photo with your camera) photo of the landscape you fancy and use it as the reference for the image. If not, do what you can

Day 104: Marceline


Day 103: Sky bear princess

Yes, she is floating. :D

Day 102: Adventure Time


Aaa, mathematical weekly theme! :D

I tried drawing using the lasso tool technique (and also in some collage-paper-something style). Ungh, this is going to take some practice.

(P.S. Drew them from memory. Now I see Finn's backpack looks differently.)

Day 101: No Lasagna Monday

This chef was on vacation. :D

Day 100: Movement of an animal...kind of

I tried to draw the movement of a cat while looking at it, but dayuuum it moved too fast. Or maybe I'm just too slow?

Thus the animation week ended. I wish I drew more of the daily themes. ; _ ;

Day 99: No camera panning

Laaaazy Caturday.

Day 98: No jump

No jumping, just being tired. ^^;

13 February 2014

Day 104: Marceline

No color, guurl. I started to look like panda mummy again so I'll hit the bed early today.

Day 85: Marceline

Theme for tomorrow:  Make yourself as an Adventure Time character. There are no boundaries, you don't have to be a human. You can be anything your imagination wishes.

Day 84: Furry Princess

I hope I did this right...
Sorry for the delay.

Day 103: Cuscino Princess

It was supposed to be a Pillow princess but then I got to check on Google if she exists... Well, she does  >__<

Cuscino Princess it it.
And now I must go to drool on one. Good night.

12 February 2014

Day 102: Adventure Time

I forgot the backpack *faceplam*. I have issues with green atm, I'm sure girls will understand.
Next theme is: Princess. Idea for this theme comes from this video; some of the guidelines would be:
  • Adventure Time style
  • colored
  • your own princess

11 February 2014

Day 83: Adventure Time

I watched only two episodes of Adventure Time, and this is the character that impressed me.

10 February 2014

Day 101: Lasagna Monday - Step 2

Am... yeah...
It's Monday and we are one cook short. 

I was also trying out brush that kaylanna made the other day. I like it, it will come in handy for textures.

Day 82: Lasagna Monday - Step 1


09 February 2014

Day 81: Movement of an animal

It's awful because I can't concentrate today, too many things in mind.
I'm really sorry that this week's theme was kind of a fail, it should have been educational and very inspiring, but it turned too complicated after all.
 I hope to achieve more the next time we meet with animation.

Day 100: Movement of an animal

100 days! We made it!

Because 100 is a special number we'll have a fuuun theme for the following week; Adventure Time!

  • It would be nice to color your work (but not obligatory) and
  • if your daily theme will be something characteristic for specific episode, please link to it.
*fist bump*

Day 99: Jump

Late jump!

....aaaand no camera panning. Working and sleeping Caturday.

08 February 2014

07 February 2014

Day 79: Jump

Quick animation sketch of Kain's Jump from Final Fantasy IV.  

Day 97: No blinking

No Angels can get me!!

...yeah, I didn't manage to animate or draw any blinking today.

I am going on a trip to Belgrade in the morning, so I will be away from The Pictomancer for a few days-probably till Wednesday.

I will still sneak around the blog, draw, and leave comments for you guys-also sneakily!
See you soon, good drawing. :3

Day 97: Blinking

That's no blinking, bro.

Theme for tomorrow:

06 February 2014

Day 78: Blinking

This isn't actually blinking, it's eyelid closing, but I'm kinda ill and can't think too much.

Day 96

Work, meeting and adobe fail. It was a combo.
Have some eye candy.

05 February 2014

Day 77: Cloud movement

Kinto-un from the greatest anime series ever.
Tomorrow's theme is: BLINKING

Day 96: Cloud movement

Second animation!
Today I made a custom oil brush using this tutorial and tried it out in this drawing/animation thingamobob.

(Also drew in a local co-working space. Wah, such difference in focus. I need to get a studio/go live in a desert).

04 February 2014

Day 76: Animation

Done a quick sketch, due to lack of time.

Day 95: Animation

My first animation! Tee hee hee, this is so much fun.

And while we are at this cloud business-theme for tomorrow's animation is: CLOUD MOVEMENT.