08 May 2014

27 April 2014

Day 176: Starlight

Theme for the following week: Movement

It can be movement of the human body (dance), or animal running (bird in flight) or just specify movement (dance, flight...) and leave the rest to others.

168日: 星明かり

Tried out a Paper-like application on the iPhone. It's pretty nice, I'm gonna play with it some more.

*romaji: hoshiakari

Day 156: Starlight

Nope. Tutorials ASAP!
The lamp.

26 April 2014

Day 175: Lamp

Accuracy is not my strong point when drawing with tablet.

167日: ほたるとともしび

*romaji: Hotaru to tomoshibi.

166日: No ほたる

I accidentally fell asleep and didn't post the picture on time. ^^;

Day 155: Fireflies

Please, do not comment. I had a nasty fight with the Photoshop at 3 A.M.
It's supposed to look like this.
(Lamp is in the process)

Day 154: Nothing today

Didn't have proper rest in a while. I took a day off to get some sleep.

25 April 2014

Day 174: Fireflies

Almost late to party. I watched trailers for Making It, I hope I'm gonna see it someday.

22 April 2014

20 April 2014

Day 149: Tentakoruu

Tentacle lady. Can't imagine a tentacle man, though. 
Oh, wait... =/
Next weekly theme: LIGHT

Day 169: Tentakoruuu

A bit late ^^;

Tentakoru: to be done later today ^^;

Sketchbook Project: Hands - part 3


Day 168

Late to party.
Theme for tmw: Tentakoruuu

18 April 2014

Day 167: Japanese Food

Onigiri ~ yum yum


Animation theme
I started to draw Ponyo yesterday but kinda miscalculated the time and ended watching Son of Batman (yoosh). So Ponyo. I slept through the first watching few years ago, and never tried to rewatch it again. 
Maybe this summer? It was a bit too much delirium for me at that time.

Day 147: Japanese Food

Blargh. Not in the mood for food...
Theme for Caturday: Geisha

158 日: No アニメーション

Didn't have any time...again. *le sigh*

Theme for today: Japanese food! ^^

15 April 2014

07 April 2014