30 December 2013

Day 59: Sleepless Monday on the road

No drawing. @_@

Caturday Challenge #7: Closed

Everybody was surprisingly fast with this challenge considering I forgot to write down the punishment.

First to finish was Dino, truly unhappy with limited color palette. Payback? Then, also finished on Caturday, Cornucopia. They will get meow badges, I'm so proud!

Godzilla has come this Christmas to hug the tree. Hug!
I was late as allways. Paranoia always kicks in when deadline is coming near.

Images used for the chosen palettes:

Kaylanna, don't blink!

29 December 2013

Day 58: Caturday Challenge #7 Complete: Paranoia!

Second palette, here ya go.
30 ~ minutes

Day 58: Caturday Challenge #7 Complete: Soon

Fact: Gojira toys like to nomnom Christmas trees.

I chose the third palette. I felt so limited working with a set palette...I missed my shiny colors.
Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Day 57: Gojira temperature

Here we go again, Saturday temperature. @_@

Day 38: Caturday Challenge complete!

Dear Santa,
Bring me an Aerith doll!

I picked the second palette in the column.
 At first I chose the last one, but I wanted to use more colors.Great challenge!

28 December 2013

Day 57: doodle

Day 52 - 56: Holidays

I was a lazybutt, gone home, eating all day, playing with dogs... and so. I'm gonna have pretty rough January and February so it was a must.

Caturday Challenge #7

Hello lazy butts!
This weekend we are gonna have pretty easy challenge ~

                                           PICK YOUR PALETTE!

I lied about the easy part, here are the rules:

1. choose just one palette
2. due to following rule, this must be digital
3. when using the colors it is necessary to use solid color, you can't use opacity on layers or brushes, no overlay, soft lights, no blurring... SOLID! 
4. theme is TOY
5. Deadline: 29.12.2013., 23:30

Day 32-37: Christmas time

I was doing very little drawing work these days.

23 December 2013

Day 31: Sth

Some kind of a warrior. -It looks silly to fight with that thing on his head, and wear that many unnecessary accessories... but eh. It's Monday people!

Caturday challenge #6: Closed

Caturday Nightmare is now officially closed.
*dun dun dun*
Aaaaaand we all managed to beat this challenge!
Cornucopia drew a beautiful traditional piece. (Love the colors!)
Puru drew a lovely pencil sketch. (Sweet lines, dude.)
I drew a wonderful...no, just kidding, you can check my drawing here.

I really like how we all chose different scenes and different mediums. Thank you very much for submitting your works, I hope you had fun.

See you next week, when a new challenger will appear. (Spoilers: It's Puru).

22 December 2013

Day 51: Just to survive...

..the CC.

Got some mehy things happening so I'm kinda doozey  this two days

Day 49-50

Day 30: Caturday Nightmare complete!

I chose the screenshot of the video in the very beginning, where Jack spotted Christmas Town. Great soundtrack, great movie, great Christmas Challenge!  

Day 51: Caturday Challenge #5: Stalker Jack

*stalk stalk*

Time: 2 hours

I caught this screenshot-really liked the lighting here.
I feel like I've learned a couple of things about wood, glass, and colors.

Day 50: Temperatureeeeee

What's with these weekend temperatures? @_@

P.S. So ronery on the blog.

21 December 2013

Caturday Challenge #6

Hello and welcome to the sixth Caturday Challenge!
This week’s theme is…

                                           WHAT'S THIS

Since Christmas is coming up soon and all, I thought we could have...*mwahaha*...our own little nightmare before Christmas!
I want you to watch this vidjeo (points below), take a screenshot of a scene, and draw it. No conditions, you can choose any scene you like.

Deadline: 22.12.2013., 23:00

The punishment for not doing this assignment is to draw this picure:

Let the Caturday Challenge Nightmare begin!

16 December 2013

Day 25: Nothing

I tried, but...
It didn't work.

Caturday Challenge #5: Closed

Caturday Challenge #5 is now officially closed.
Here are the artwoks:
Puru -with Earth Element , although not finished, but yet very awesome!
Kaylanna - with Water Element , beautiful portrayal of nature!
Cornucopia (that's me) - also with Water Element

Puru will have to torture herself with the Shar Pei image, for not finishing the task completly, although we still await impatiently for Edward and Bella first!

If some of the members have a need to utilize more of this theme, they can express other elements, or ideas of the same element throughout this week.
Thank you all for submitting your works, well done!

See you until next Caturday Challenge, which will be opened by Kaylanna.

Day 44: CC Fail

It's my time to sit in the corner and draw the punishment - tho it will wait until we see someone else doing hers. *looks at you know who*

On the other note, totally not related, I saw Hobbit tonight. I approve Smaug's design.

15 December 2013

Day 44: Caturday Challenge: Ice cave

Time: 2 hours

What a great challenge! My drawing turned out messy, but it was really fun to do. I used this wonderful image as a reference. First time drawing icey-watery-stuff.

Day 24: Caturday Challenge: Leviathan!

Argh, the colors killed me! Lineart looks better. Must practice.

14 December 2013

Day 43: Rock wins

CC in progress 

Day 43: Caturday WIP

40 minutes WIP.
I wanted to finish it tonight, but I feel a bit ill....@_@

Caturday Challenge #5: Elements

Welcome to the fifth Caturday Challenge!
This week's theme will be...

The task is to pick an element listed below and use it to create something, doesn't matter what. It could be an entity, animal, character, scenery, natural phenomenon, building, magic... or just redraw the image.

One condition only: the texture must be recognizable. (i.e. three wavy lines for water or Harry Potter's scar for lightning do not come into consideration.)

Wind (due to invisibility of the wind, it may be visualized as clouds in motion, or  however the artist sees it.)

The purpose of this challenge is to practice the physics of natural elemental appearance, so the punishment for not doing the assignment is to draw THIS! (Don't be fooled, it's very hard.)
Deadline: 15.12.2013. 23:00

Let the Caturday Challenge begin!

Day 42: Shleepy


11 December 2013

Day 21: FF IX characters

Final Fantasy IX randomness.

Day 20: Cerberus

Cerberus doodle. I forgot to post this yesterday.

Day 40: First spitpaint

I have joined this group almost 20 days ago, but I've been really shy to draw or post anything. Well gotta start sometime...and somewhere. The theme was: Speed racer.

Day 39: Weird tuesday

Ungh, I really didn't like this Tuesday. No drawing.

10 December 2013

Day 39: Tree again

Mmm.. Trees. 
And I don't know why the image is dark when I upload it while the original file is bright. (fixed - see in comments if you have the same problem).

Day 19: Nothing today

It's monday.

Caturday Challenge #4 The Fall - Closed

Caturday Challenge #4 - Is officially closed (let's pretend it is Saturday). 
It was the first CC that everyone finished.

First one to cross the line, and also our first collaborator, was
Mejo with Mistik,

Cornucopia with Otta Benga
Kaylanna with Red Bandit
Puru with Darwin.

Next Caturday Challange will be presented next Saturday by Cornucopia ~
Doodle away!

P.S. We are also still eagerly waiting for Edward and Bella. Just sayin' .

Day 38: Monday

Mondays, maaan.

No drawing.

Day 38: doodle

Still sick and now with tons of work. Meh.

08 December 2013

Day 37: CC #4

Long title, tldr.

Darwin was supposed to be colored in watercolors, then photoshop and when the file died, and the time was running out we decided that the pencil crayons will do.

Day 37: Caturday Challenge #4: Red Bandit

I choose youuu...Red Bandit.
What a tough challenge. I used this reference for the pose. Since I chose a character clad in black, I decided to add more colours to the background to emulate the colorful atmosphere of the movie.

The conclusion: I really need to practice anatomy.
Song status: