31 January 2014

Day 90: No Weirwood

Feels strange not to draw the daily theme.

I've changed my job from a Pictomancer to a Maid for the day and cleaned up my whole house. Well, most of it anyway. My fingers are so sore right now, it actually pains me to type. So without further ado, let me announce the theme for Friday! It's Chinese New Year today, perfect time for some: BAMBOO.

30 January 2014

Day 90: Weirwood

...this weekend, I promise.

edit or today... quick doodle.

Day 71: Weirwood

Done very, very quickly, with lots of mistakes, but in a hurry I was.

Day 70: Old Tree

Great Basin Bristlecone Pine
4000 years old, supposably the oldest tree on Earth. It's just beautiful to watch the curves flow so nicely...

Day 89: Old tree...eeehh

I'll draw it... this weekend, I promise. I just got hit by a bus of work and kicked around by the deadlines.

Tomorrow (umm, today) we draw: Weirwood 

29 January 2014

Day 89: Old tree

My hands are tired! I should have drawn this in the morning. I used the Methuselah tree as a reference.

Day 88: Tree

I just love Frozen's concept art! I studied it a bit and drew a clumsy looking tree. ^^;

28 January 2014

26 January 2014

Day 86: Artist's self-portrait

I'm so sorry, Mr Vecellio.

Day 67: Artist's self-portrait

Now I see how his chin is too big. Well, from the mistakes we learn.

Day 85: Profile Portraits VS

Scott Pilgrim vs. DEATH from Discworld

This was a tough decision! I have many favourite fictional characters.
Buuut, these guys seemed like a very appropriate choice.

The theme for today is: Recreate a self-portrait *dun dun dun*...from an artist. (For example, Rembrandt).

24 January 2014

Day 10: Famous Portrait

I misread the concept, but that's okay as the reference is unrecognizable.

Caturday challenge is...
Two of your favourite fictional characters in street fighter style VS profile portraits!

Day 83: Baby portrait

I'm late, I know - but I was too sleepy to snap a picture of this portrait and upload it here when I got home last night.

I used a picture of Neshill's niece as a reference.
Babies are reeeeeeally tough to draw. I will have to practice more.

Day 83: Baby Portrait

No there isn't. I was tired yesterday and had still ton of job to do so I decided to postpone the baby portrait for today or tomorrow. It will be done.

Guys, you should also post the reference that was used for the portrait.
@neshill that's one scary baby.

Portrait for today: It should be some famous person from the past; artist, writer, composer... Don't post immediately who did you draw, let us try to guess. And draw from the reference!

Day 9: Baby Portrait

Angry baby

22 January 2014

Day 82: Self Portrait

I couldn't stand still in the same position.
How to draw mouth?!
"Stop moving..."

:( Horrible.

Day 9: Self Portrait

If only I looked like this. I'd look like a liney mess, but dam.


Day 63: Self Portrait

The "Im back from work" look.
Yeah, its awful, but kind of reminds me of Helena Bonham Carter.
The theme for tomorrow is : BABY PORTRAIT

Day 8: Portrait

No portrait. I suck.

Day 81: Portrait

Benedict Cumberbatch, I wish I could draw you better! (There's my motivation. :D)

Guys, take your mirrors out, because the theme for tomorrow is: SELF-PORTRAIT.

21 January 2014

Day 81: Portrait

Hah. Here comes my week of "nya ha, you actually don't know how to draw" drawings.

"Reference" - he maaaybe looks like his evil younger brother. I doodled it in 10 minutes, rule "no eraser".

Day 62: Portrait

Portrait of Gillian Anderson. Shadows are little messed up, but eh.
She voices Moro from Princess Mononke.

Day 80: Lasagna Monday - Step 4

Check please!

19 January 2014

Day 79: Shrimp

.__. fufu shrimp, I don't know how to draw you.

Main theme of the following week is: Portrait. 

Day 78: Dessert

Strawberry shortcake.
I am so clumsy with traditional colors. Eeee.

16 January 2014

Day 76: A Recipe

...for dead meat.

1 cup of work
1/2 cup of more work
a bit of a stress
go to a place where there is a lot of people

Serve cold.

Day 57: A Recipe

There was a recipe for cookies, but the Cookie Monster ate them!
Theme for tomorrow: ROUND FOOD

Day 4: A Recipe!

Following even simple instructions turns out bad for me. Ah well.