17 March 2014

Day 115: Nothing

Next weekly theme: CHARACTER CREATION
- The Pictomancer who is in turn gives a short description of a character.
- Create a character using your own imagination following the short desctiption given.
-  Dunno what else to write...

Well, i.e. I say - make a wierd individual who fights for its freedom. He/she/it is very funny looking, but very sad character as itself. 
You can be more specific and say - create an old wise female kobold with long curly hair and winter clothing with many accessories on it. Has a huge snake over the shoulder.

You decide.


  1. Replies
    1. Ovo je neka vrsta treninga mozga da bude kreativan unutar granica opisa koji se traže od nas. Inspirirano iskustvima Ite koja sve to prolazi for real.
      ... it's a goddamn hard thing sometimes.
      Draw away! ...inside the borders of the request!

    2. A sad ovaj prvi mora biti jedan od ova dva opisa ili radimo naš lik po želji (+ stavljamo njegov opis)?

    3. Po želji možeš, ja nisam znala što bih pa sam odabrala već postojeće. Ne treba opis.